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Waterloo Engineering research experts

Welcome to "Find a Research Expert"

"Find a Research Expert" is a service designed to assist industry, faculty, staff and the community at large in quickly finding a Waterloo Engineering expert in a particular field of research.
The service is easy to use. Simply type a keyword, researcher's name or department in the box and press Enter or click on one of the suggested matches that pop-up. A list of researchers that best match your query will be displayed. Click on the name for more information.

Tips for using Find a Research Expert:

  • Use a keyword, researcher's name or department for the best results
  • If you do not get a result, try using a generic word, or select from the list of suggestions
  • Do not use quotation marks
  • If you still need help finding a researcher, contact us at:

Please note that this is a new service and there may be the occasional glitch. Please email us at if you require further assistance.